Features and Challenges of Population Ageing: The European Perspective
Asghar Zaidi

Author: Asghar Zaidi

Vienna 2008
Policy Brief March (1) 2008

16 pages

In this Policy Brief the issue of population ageing and its possible implications are sketched out. It also discusses what public policy responses are required to deal with the challenges posed. The main focus would be on Europe as a region facing these challenges and how individual countries as well as the EU and the UNECE could steer strategies to deal with them.

Two messages would summarize the contents of this Policy Brief. Firstly, the population ageing phenomenon could be considered a hazard or it could offer new opportunities for our societies depending upon how well we prepare for it. If prepared well and much in advance, this would actually become an opportunity to develop further with a greater extent of social cohesion across generations. Secondly, it is not just public policies that need to be reformed to account for population ageing issues - in fact the private sector and the civil society as well as the individuals concerned will all be key factors in adapting to the new situation and in coming up with innovations to meet effectively the challenges that our ageing societies will be facing in the future.

Features and Challenges of Population Ageing: The European Perspective
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Características y retos del envejecimiento de la población: La perspectiva europea.
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