Herwig Immervoll: Gender Inequalities and the Allocation of Market Work within Households

Thursday, 3 July 2008, 15:00
Seminar Room at the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research, Berggasse 17, 1090 Vienna

Contact: Orsolya Lelkes

Speaker: Herwig Immervoll, Head of Employment-Oriented Social Policies at the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD), Paris

Highlights of the Seminar
Despite large increases in female employment rates across OECD countries, the trend towards reduced employment and earnings gaps has been uneven, with large gender differences remaining in a number of countries. The processes driving these changes are complex and interrelated. Since decisions about the sharing of market and non-market work are made at the family level, it is not the difference in work incentives between men and women on average that is most relevant, but how these incentives play out within households. Too little is known about the relative work incentives of men and women sharing the same household, how this differs across countries, and which types of policy configurations dampen or exacerbate incentives for an unequal sharing of market and household work. This paper provides such evidence for a selection of European countries covering a wide range of different demographics, employment patterns and policy traditions.

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