Kosovo: Support for better social services for the most vulnerable groups

April 2017 - September 2019

Contact: Rahel Kahlert

In 2009, the responsibility for delivery of social and family services was transferred from the central government to the municipalities. To support the process of decentralization, a strategy was developed in 2012 to be implemented in 2013–2017.

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the effective transformation of the social service system in Kosovo - focusing on improved quality, availability and sustainability of local social and community-based service delivery for children and vulnerable people living at social risk. Central, municipal and non-state actors including NGOs and social enterprises will engage collaboratively in community-based social service delivery. Municipalities will implement local action plans, with the support of licensed social service providers, and allocate resources for their realization.

  • Develop a capacity advancement system to train stakeholders in effectively supporting the transformation process
  • Provide technical assistance for the establishment of sustainable partnerships and increased capacity for community-based social service delivery
  • Provide financial support to social service providers including day care and home care services

The European Centre leads or participates in the following tasks:
  • A situational analysis of social service provision to the vulnerable and at risk at the municipal level:
    • Research the type and availability of social services compared to beneficiaries’ needs (“social space map”)
    • Review the legal and fiscal frameworks for community-based services
    • Assess capacities and challenges of social service providers
  • Establish a tripartite stakeholder participatory forum to support the transformation process
    • Organize workshops and conferences
    • Coach and monitor action plan development
  • Develop the capacity of various stakeholders through:
    • The development of generic and specific social service training modules (Training of Trainers)
    • The development of models on utilization of new financial, budgeting
    • advocacy
  • Develop a functional monitoring & evaluation (M&E) model
    • Develop and implement an M&E training module
    • Provide guidance and mentorship
    • Develop a policy brief
Project partners
  • Save the Children Sweden
  • Save the Children International Kosovo Office
  • European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research, Austria

Project co-ordinator: Rahel Kahlert
Project team at the EC: Rahel Kahlert, Sonila Danaj, Stefania Ilinca, Günter Stummvoll
External project co-ordinator: Trim Kabashi, Save the Children Kosovo, trim.kabashi@savethechildren.org
Funded by: European Union Office in Kosovo, SIDA Sweden
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An EU funded project managed by the European Union Office in Kosovo