Joshua M. Wiener: Quality Assurance Systems for Long-Term Care: An International Perspective

Tuesday 27 June, 2006, 3.00 pm, Vienna, Austria
Seminar Room at the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research, Berggasse 17, 1090, Vienna

Contact: Manfred Huber

Dr. Joshua M. Wiener
Prof. Dr. Jozef Pacolet

Highlights of the seminar
There is evidence about great variation in quality of long-term care services that often do not meet the expectations of the public, the users of services and their families. Policies to bring quality in long-term care up to expectations include quality assessment and monitoring of outcomes. But long-term care still lags behind acute health care when it comes to measurement and quality improvement strategies. What is the current state of quality assessment in a number of developed countries? What can be learnt from international comparisons in this new field of cross-country research?

03:00 pm
Welcome and Introduction (Manfred Huber or Bernd Marin European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research)
03:10 pm
Dr. Joshua M. Wiener, PhD, Program Director for Ageing, Disability, and Long-term Care, RTI International, Washington, DC
03:50 pm
Comments by Prof. Dr. Jozef Pacolet, Higher Institute of Labour Studies, Social and Economic Policy, Catholic University of Leuven
04:05 pm
Discussion from the floor (moderated by Manfred Huber)
05:00 pm
End of the Seminar

Seminar status
This seminar was the second in a series of international seminars that are organised at the European Centre.

There will also be a book table at the European Centre before the seminar, so as to introduce European Centre's publications.