Andrea E. Schmidt

Current Position
Gesundheit Österreich GmbH (Austrian Public Health Institute), Department of Health Economics and Health Systems Analysis

Previous Position
European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research

Doctorate in Social Sciences and Economics (Dr.rer.soc.oec), Vienna University of Economics and Business, Institute of Social Policy and Economics of Ageing (Austria)

M.Sc. in Public Policy and Human Development (Specialisation: Social Policy Financing and Health Care), Maastricht University (Netherlands)
Mag.a phil. in cross-cultural communication (English and Spanish), combined with environmental sciences/economics (Karl-Franzens University of Graz, Austria)

German (mother tongue), English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch

Contact Details
Stubenring 6, 1010 Vienna, Austria

Research interests
  • Policy choices in the design and financing of long-term care and health care systems
  • Marketization of social services
  • Equity effects of social and health policies
  • Cross-border movements of patients and providers in health care
  • Quality of welfare services
  • Population ageing and intergenerational solidarity
  • Successful implementation of health policies in developing countries
Selected publications, reviews and presentations

Peer-reviewed Publications

[Under review] Rodrigues, R., Ilinca, S., Schmidt, A.E. Income-rich and wealth-poor? The impact of measures of socio-economic status in the analysis of the distribution of long-term care use among older people., Health Economics.

[Under review] Schmidt, A.E. Older persons’ views on using cash-for-care allowances at the crossroads of gender, socio-economic status and care needs in Vienna, Social Policy & Administration.

Zaidi, A., Gasior, K., Zolyomi, E., Schmidt, A., Rodrigues, R. & Marin, B. (forthcoming) “Measuring active ageing in Europe”, in: Journal of European Social Policy (accepted for publication).

Schmidt, A.E., Ilinca, S., Schulmann, K., Rodrigues, R., Principi, A. et al. (2016) “Fit for caring: factors associated with informal care provision by older caregivers with and without multimorbidity”,in: European Journal of Ageing, 13, 103-113.

Galenkamp, H., Gagliardi, C., Principi, A., Golinowska, S., Moreira, A., Schmidt, A., et al. (2016) “Predictors of social leisure activities in older Europeans with and without multimorbidity”, in: European Journal of Ageing, 13, 129-146.

Principi, A., Galenkamp, H., Papa, R., Socci, M., Suanet, B., Schmidt, A., Schulmann, K. et al. (2016) “Do predictors of volunteering in older age differ by health status?”, in: European Journal of Ageing,13, 91-102.

Schmidt, A.E. (2016) “Analysing the importance of older people’s resources for the use of home care in a cash-for-care scheme: Evidence from Vienna", in: Health and Social Care in the Community, DOI: 10.1111/hsc.12334 (early view).

Schmidt, A.E., Winkelmann, J., Leichsenring, K. & Rodrigues, R. (2016) “Lessons for regulating informal markets and implications for quality assurance – the case of migrant care workers in Austria”, in: Ageing & Society, 36(4), 741-763.

Glonti, K., Hawkesworth, S., Footman, K., Doering, N., Busse, R., Schmidt, A.E. et al. (2015) “European health professionals’ experience of cross-border care through the lens of three common conditions”, in: European Journal of Integrative Medicine, 7(1), 29-35.

Kovacs, E., Schmidt, A.E., Szocska, G., Busse, R., McKee, M., & Legido-Quigley, H. (2014) "Licensing procedures and registration of medical doctors in the European Union", in: Clinical Medicine, 14(3), 229-238.

Rodrigues, R., Trigg, L.J., Schmidt, A.E., & Leichsenring, K. (2014) "The public gets what the public wants: experiences of public reporting in long-term care in Europe", in: Health Policy, 116(1), 84-94.

Schmidt, A.E. (2014) “Kampf der Generationen oder Solidarität zwischen Jung und Alt? Das österreichische Pflegesystem im europäischen Vergleich”, Momentum Quarterly, Zeitschrift für Sozialen Fortschritt, 3(1), 15-26.

Schmidt, A.E. & Klambauer, E. (2013) "Zwischen Ökonomisierung und Work-Life-Balance – Perspektiven zur Abwanderung von deutschem Gesundheitspersonal nach Österreich", in: Das Gesundheitswesen, DOI: 10.1055/s-0033-1347260.

Rodrigues, R. & Schmidt, A.E. (2010) “Expenditures for long-term care: at the crossroads between family and state”, (2010), in: Geropsych 23(4):183-193.

Book Chapters

Winkelmann, J., Schmidt, A.E. & Leichsenring, K. (2015) “Regulating migrants as a low-cost solution for long-term care: the formalisation of a dual care labour market in Austria”, in: Carbonnier, C. and Morel, N. (eds.) Analysing the political economy of household services in Europe, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 172-194.

Leichsenring, K., Lamontagne-Goodwin, F., Schmidt, A.E., Rodrigues, R. & Ruppe, G. “Performance Measurement in long-term care in Austria” 2014, in: Mor, V., Leone, T. & Maresso, A. (eds.) The challenges in regulating long-term care quality: an international comparison, Cambridge University Press, 33-66.

Reports, Policy Briefs and Media Contributions

Schmidt, A.E., Fuchs, M. & Rodrigues, R. (2016) Juggling family care and work: leaves from work to care for frail or sick family members – an international perspective. European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research.

Ilinca, S., Rodrigues, R., Schmidt, A.E. & Zolyomi, E. (2016) href="" target="_blank">Gender and social class inequalities in active ageing: policy meets theory
, Vienna: European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research.

Schmidt, A.E. (2016) “Was können Pflegekarenz und Familienhospizkarenz wirklich bieten?”, (blog entry) Blog Arbeit-Wirtschaft, 6.7.2016.

Schmidt, A.E., Fuchs, M. & Rodrigues, R. (2016) International Comparison of Care Leaves for Informal Carers: Legislation and Policies (final report), Study for the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health, Bern.

Schmidt, A.E. & Leichsenring, K. (2016) Der österreichische Weg der 24-Stunden-Betreuung und seine Wirkung auf Qualität und Qualitätssicherung [The Austrian 24-hours care system and ist effect on quality and quality assurance], Soziale Sicherheit, 01/2016, 15-21.

Schmidt, A.E., Fuchs, M., Leichsenring, K. & Hofmarcher, M. (2014) Pflegebedarf und Versorgungsmix in Wien [Long-term care in Vienna] (final report). Study for the Department of Health and Social Care Planning of the City of Vienna (MA 24).

Rodrigues, R., Ilinca, S. & Schmidt, A. (2014) Analysing equity in the use of long-term care in Europe, Research Note 9/2014, Social Situation Monitor of the European Commission.

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Schmidt, A.E. (2013) Langzeitpflege in der Schweiz: eine europäische Perspektive [Long-term care in Switzerland: A European perspective], Soziale Sicherheit CHSS 6/2013, 318-324.

Barbabella, F., Lamura, G. & Schmidt, A.E. (2013) Potenzial und Verbreitung von IKT zur Unterstützung pflegender Angehöriger, Soziale Sicherheit CHSS 6/2013, 325-328.

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Gasior, K., Marin, B., Schmidt, A., Vanhuysse, P., Waginger, U. & Zolyomi, E. (2011) Maßnahmen zur Belebung des Arbeitsmarktes für ältere ArbeitnehmerInnen [Measures for the stimulation of the labor market for elder employees]. Vienna: Austrian Ministry of Social Affairs, Labor and Consumer Protection.

Rodrigues, R. & Schmidt, A. (2010) Paying for long-term care, Policy Brief, Vienna: European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research.

Book Reviews

Review of Peggy Watson (ed.) (2013) “Health Care Reform and Globalisation. The US, China and Europe in Comparative Perspective”, in: Czech Sociological Review, 2014, 50(6), 987-989.

Review of Joan Costa-Font (ed.) (2011) “Reforming Long-Term Care in Europe”, in: Czech Sociological Review, 2012, 48 (6):1190-1193


Health Policy

European Journal of Ageing

Selected papers presented at scientific conferences

“Vom Aktiven Altern und der Ignoranz von Klassenunterschieden”, [On active ageing and the ignorance of social class differences], Momentum Congress in Hallstatt, Austria, 13th -16th October 2016 (together with S. Ilinca, R. Rodrigues)

“Europäische Perspektiven: Finanzierung in der Langzeitpflege zwischen Markt, Staat und Individuum”, [European perspectives: Financing of long-term care caught between the market, the state and the individual], 25th Freburary 2016, Vienna, Austria, Presentation at the Pre-Conference of the 2nd Conference of the Austrian Health Economics Association (with R. Rodrigues)

“No need for services? Characteristics of frail older people growing old at home without formal care in Vienna”, 1st Conference of the Austrian Health Economics Association, 28 Nov 2014, Vienna, Austria

“Electing social participation? Comparing patterns of care provision of people in poor and good health in Europe”, Poster at the European Health Forum Gastein (Young Gastein), 1-3 Oct 2014

Transforming long-term care in Europe: Improving quality and ensuring access, Keynote Speaker at an international symposium hosted by Public Policy Exchange, January 28, 2014, Brussels, Belgium

Assistive technologies to promote independence and mobility, including care at home (Symposium 1), WHO Global Forum on Innovations for Ageing Populations 2013 (Co-author with F. Barbabella, G. Lamura and C. Chiatti - Speaker: F. Barbabella), 10-12 Dezember, Kobe, Japan

Mood disorder and obesity: policy and evidence revisited (with E. Reininghaus & S. Schmidt), Presentation at the ECNP Congress 2013, October 5-9, Barcelona, Spain. Publikation of the abstract as a supplement in:/Journal of European Neuropsychopharmacology/ (ENP)

Das Qualitätsmanagement in der 24-Stunden-Betreuung [Quality management in 24-hour care], Hilfswerk-Enquete /24-Stunden-Betreuung zwischen Mythos und Realität: Befunde-Praxis-Zukunftsperspektiven/, October 25, 2013, Vienna

From ‘Cinderella’ to professional carer - Changing the status of migrant care workers in Austria, Paper presented at ESPANET Conference 2013, September 5-7, Poznan, Poland (with R. Rodrigues, K. Leichsenring & J. Winkelmann)

Use of long-term care services in Vienna – at the crossroads of local and national welfare policies, Paper presented at ESPANET Conference 2013, September 5-7, Poznan, Poland (with M. Fuchs, M.M. Hofmarcher & K. Leichsenring)

Is the grass always greener on the other side? Mobility of patients, and health and long-term care professionals to and from Eastern European countries, Session at the International Conference on Challenges for Health and Healthcare in Europe, 1st -2nd November 2012, Aalborg, Denmark

Public reporting of quality in long-term care in Europe: a mapping exercise across six countries (with R. Rodrigues, L.J. Trigg & K. Leichsenring), International Conference on Evidence-based Policy in Long-term Care, International Long-term Care Policy Network, 5th – 8th September 2012, London School of Economics, UK

Hospital quality in Austria (with I.Papanicolas & A.McGuire), European Conference on Health Economics, 18th to 21st July 2012, Zurich, Switzerland

The impact of cash or services on equitable use of care by older people, Annual Meeting of the Austrian Economic Association, 18th-19th May 2012, Vienna, Austria (with R. Rodrigues)

Assessing the impact of ICT-based solutions for caregivers in Europe (with G. Lamura and F. Barbabella), International Conference on Indicators and Concepts of Innovation, Challenge Social Innovation, 19th to 21st September 2011

Paying care – facts and figures on expenditure on long-term care in Europe (with R. Rodrigues), International Conference on Evidence-based Policy in Long-term Care, International Long-term Care Policy Network, 9th to 11th September 2010, London School of Economics, UK