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NEW BOOK: Long-term care in Europe – Improving policy and practice, edited by Kai Leichsenring, Jenny Billings and Henk Nies
This book challenges the prevailing discourse centred on the problems of demographic change and long-term care provision for older people by focusing on solutions emerging from progression and improvement in policy and practice. Building on ample research in 13 European countries, evidence is provided for how the construction of long-term care systems can be taken forward by practitioners, policy-makers and stakeholder organizations. By focusing on prevention and rehabilitation, the support of informal care, the enhancement of quality development as well as by decent governance and financing mechanisms for long-term care, stakeholders may learn from European experiences and solutions on the local, regional and national levels. The publication is based on research from INTERLINKS.
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Thinking ahead: Social innovation good practices in home care for older people
Can technology-based services support long-term care challenges in home care? Yes, they can: a brand new publication, co-authored by Andrea Schmidt, showcases more than 50 initiatives on how information and communication technologies (ICT) can support family carers for older people across Europe. The in-depth analysis of 12 case studies in different European regions shows the potentially positive impact on the quality of life of elderly people and informal carers, the quality of care, and the financial sustainability of the health and social systems of such initiatives. The publication is based on research from the CARICT project, and was published as part of the European Commission’s JRC Scientific and Policy Reports.
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Into the future with the Health Data Navigator – a EuroREACH product
To facilitate and improve comparative performance assessment in the area of health the EuroREACH project has developed the health data navigator, a unique interactive web platform, which will be launched at the final EuroREACH conference, taking place 16-17 May 2013 in Vienna.
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Data mapping project: “More Years, Better Lives”
The Austrian Ministry of Science and Research commissioned a data mapping project in the context of the Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) “More Years, Better Lives” which aims to enhance the understanding of opportunities and challenges of demographic change
The objective of this Fast-Track JPI ‘More Years, Better Lives’ project is to describe and assess currently available data sources used for identifying demographic change.
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Czech Sociological Review book review: Reforming Long Term Care in Europe
The winter 2012 issue of the ISSCI-listed Czech Sociological Review features a review by Andrea Schmidt on Joan Costa-Font's Reforming Long Term Care in Europe. It also features reviews written by Olga Onuch (Oxford), Natalia Garvilova (Chicago), Bill Robinson (UC Santa Barbara) and others on altogether ten books in sociology and social policy.
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Article in Der Standard: "Österreich hat europaweit die höchste Ärztedichte"
Maria M. Hofmarcher featured in the Austrian daily newspaper Der Standard, in an article entitled "Österreich hat europaweit die höchste Ärztedichte," where the need for additional educational capacity for medical doctors is discussed in light of a high density of medical providers in Austria when compared to other EU-countries.
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Article in Die Zeit: generational conflict in Austria?
Pieter Vanhuysse featured in the German weekly newspaper Die Zeit, in an article entitled "The Last of their Kind," about generational conflict in the army duty referendum, the labor market, pensioner welfare and the pension system in Austria.
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Past International Seminar: Sick on the job?
On Friday 15 February, Christopher Prinz (OECD) gave an International Seminar on myths and realities in mental health and work. Prinz argued that the economic and social costs of mental illness are enormous. Indirect costs in the form of lost employment and reduced productivity are much higher than the direct healthcare costs: Prinz argued that concerns about the adverse effects of mental ill-health are rising in most OECD countries and recognised as one of today’s biggest challenges for social and labour market policy. Rising unemployment in many OECD countries has potentially increased the problem.
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2013 United Nations-AARP Briefing Series On Global Aging
AARP, in cooperation with the UN Focal Point on Ageing, Department of Economic and Social Affairs organized a series of briefings 7-8 February, where Asghar Zaidi, Professor of International Social Policy, University of Southampton (UK) and Senior Advisor at the European Centre, was one of the invited Speakers. The Briefing Series was held during the 51st session of the UN Commission for Social Development, (6-15 February 2013) and highlighted the second review and appraisal of the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing and the priority theme of the Commission. For further information visit the website