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Long-term care in Europe - The way forward
The European Centre and partners of the project INTERLINKS were invited by the Interest Group Carers at the European Parliament (MEP Heinz K. Becker) to arrange a Policy Briefing. The event ‘Long-term care in Europe – The way forward: Innovation by coordination and integration’ will take place on 28 November 2013 at the European Parliament and is open to an interested public. It will focus on innovations with the potential to improve the quality of long-term care across different settings and pathways from prevention to the end of life.
Contact: Kai Leichsenring
Registration: Heinz K. Becker
'Home sweet home'? On moving patients and health professionals – New publications online
Ever more Europeans are on the move – for professional reasons, leisure, or in search of new opportunities. This increased mobility also affects the health care sector, in which EU citizens are moving across borders as medical doctors, patients, or care home providers. In a European project, the implications of these mobility patterns for quality of care, continuity of care, and patient safety in the health and long-term care sectors were analysed. Selected publications and presentations resulting from the European Centre's work on the project 'Evaluating Care Across Borders' (ECAB) are now displayed and accessible on the ECAB website. The project finished in October 2013 and received funding from the EU 7th Framework Programme and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research. Contact: Juliane Winkelmann
Between Myth and Reality: Privately Paid Migrant Care Around-the-Clock
Between 30,000 and 40,000 persons are registered as carers in private households in Austria to respond to older people’s needs for care that is affordable, flexible and timely. They work on fortnightly shifts and mostly come from Austria’s neighbouring CEE countries. However, quality monitoring is still patchy and professional standards do not correspond to those of the formal care sector yet. In a stakeholder event on 24-hours care, held by Hilfswerk Austria, Andrea E. Schmidt presented on aspects of quality management in the 24-hours care sector. Results were based on a study in the project ‘Evaluating Care Across Borders’. The materials of the event can be downloaded for free from the event website.
General Assembly Meeting 2013
On 17 - 18 October 2013, the European Centre's 39th Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors and the 23rd NLO Assembly Meeting was held at the Vienna International Centre (UNOV-VIC). The activities and ongoing projects of the Centre were presented. The wideranging programme included sessions on flagship projects, Long Term Care policies, labor market policies, and new directions for social research.
How Policy Surprises Affect Public Reactions to Labor Market Regulation Policies
On 7 November, Dr Raanan Sulitzeanu-Kenan (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) and Professor Reimut Zohlnhöfer (Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg) held an international seminar on 'Expectations, Motivations, and Responsibility Attribution: How Policy Surprises Affect Public Reactions to Labor Market Regulation Policies.' The commenter was Professor Bernhard Kittel (University of Vienna). The presenters asked how political expectations shape responsibility attribution for adverse policy consequences. They study the causal effect of congruence between policymakers and policies on the level of responsibility attributed to their adverse consequences with two survey experiments conducted in Israel and Germany. The German experiment on public reactions to the adoption of either the liberalization of labor relations or a minimum wage shows that incongruent scenarios result in less responsibility attribution to policymakers, and that this effect is mediated by the inference of a 'practical' rather than 'ideological' policy motivation by respondents. For more info contact Pieter Vanhuysse
Honor: Academic Jury, German-British Demography Prize Award for Young Scientists 2012-2013
On 25 and 26 october, Pieter Vanhuysse participated as presenter and Academic Jury Member at the conference awarding the Demography Prize for Young Scientists 2012-2013 on the theme of “Youth Quotas - The Answer to Changes in Age Demographics?” This biannual Young Scientists award of 10,000 Euro is jointly awarded by the German Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations and the UK Intergenerational Foundation, and it is financed by the Appletree Foundation Learning Project for Co-evolution and Integration.
Safety and quality in health care
Juliane Winkelmann participated at the 30th International Conference of the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua) in Edinburgh, which aims to promote and support continuous improvement in the safety and quality of health care worldwide. She presented a paper on quality improvements in care around-the-clock, co-authored with Andrea Schmidt, Kai Leichsenring and Ricardo Rodrigues, based on results from the project Evaluating Care Across Borders (ECAB), in the thematic track ‘Patient and Family Experience’. She also introduced EuroREACH’s Health Data Navigator in the session ‘Measuring Service Performance and Outcomes' to researchers and experts.