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European Centre Anniversary Symposium, and 40th General Assembly Meeting
On the occasion of its 40th anniversary, the European Centre organised, in addition to its yearly Assembly Meeting at the United Nations Office in Vienna, a well-attended Symposium on “The Future of Welfare in a Global Europe„. Former Ministers Hannes Androsch, Elsa Fornero, Frank Vandenbroucke and Agnieszka Chłoń-Domińczak, and a host of other speakers from the worlds of academia and politics, presented on altogether four big themes. A “Ministerial Roundtable” discussed the expert views presented, under the heading “Europe in the World, Austria in Europe”. For media coverage, see: here.
Expert Workshop with the Swedish Social Ministry
On September 24th, the European Centre hosted a delegation of experts from the Swedish Social Ministry for a workshop on our social policy research. European Centre researchers presented on human capital policies (Pieter Vanhuysse), poverty in Europe (Orsolya Lelkes) and ICT innovations in long term care (Katharina Schulmann)
2014 paperback edition of Ageing Populations in Post-industrial Democracies
Routledge has published in its ECPR Studies in European Political Science series a new 2014 paperback edition of Pieter Vanhuysse's book Ageing Populations in Post-industrial Democracies: Comparative Studies of Policies and Politics, co-edited with Achim Goerres. See scientific journal reviews of the book, and blog summaries in English at Oxford's openpop.org blog on global population issues and in German at the University of Duisburg's Aus der Wissenschat für die Politik blog.
Electronic discharge summaries in cross-border care in the European Union: How close are we to making it happen?
Cross-border care in the European Union still faces various challenges, in particular when it comes to communication and transfer of information between care providers in different Member States. This article explores the extent to which EU level policy and practice on electronic health records address issues pertinent to the development and implementation of electronic discharge summaries for patients treated outside their own country. The article was co-authored by Juliane Winkelmann under the lead of Nora Döring and the research was part of the FP7 project 'Evaluating Care Across Borders' (ECAB). You can download the article here.
Systematic review, evidence and expert consensus on continence care
During the development of an internationally applicable service specification for continence care, a systematic review to synthesize evidence and to reach an expert consensus was carried out with an international collaboration coordinated by SCA and KPMG. Kai Leichsenring participated in the expert panel of this project and co-authored with Adrian S. Wagg, Diane K. Newman and Paul van Houten a peer-reviewed open access article “Developing an Internationally-Applicable Service Specification for Continence Care: Systematic Review, Evidence Synthesis and Expert Consensus”.
Damit der Sozialstaat Zukunft Hat: Der Standard on the Centre's Symposium
The Austrian quality daily newspaper Der Standard has published an article summarizing some of the main messages of the European Centre's 40th anniversary Symposium on the future of weflare in a global Europe.