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Old Age Work Participation

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Award of a Certificate for the Organization of the Symposium ?The Future of Welfare in a Global Europe?
Werner Günther Bregar, European Centre International Liaison Attaché and Assistant to the Executive Director, together with his team at the European Centre, has been awarded an official Certificate by the City of Vienna, the Economic Chamber of Vienna and the Vienna Convention Bureau, for having successfully organized the Symposium “The Future of Welfare in a Global Europe” as well as the General Assembly Meeting of the European Centre. This Certificate has been signed by the President of the Economic Chamber of Vienna, the Mayor of the Austrian Federal Capital Vienna and the President of Vienna Tourism.


Vacancy: Social Policy Analyst
We are seeking a Social Policy Analyst to work on various projects in the Work, Wealth and Welfare area. The tasks include national and international comparative research on social policy and welfare systems in Austria and the European Union. Our ideal candidate is German and English speaker, with a PhD in economics, sociology or related social sciences and a track record of publications. Application deadline: 20 June 2015. For more details, see our job description.


Piece of the Cake? The effects of the tax reform 2015/2016 for Austrian households
Is the aim of the reform - to reduce the tax burden for all employees - achieved? Who profits the most? Katrin Gasior carried out an ex ante evaluation of the Austrian tax reform that is currently discussed by the Ministers. The analysis uses SORESI - the online microsimulation model - and shows the effects of the measures on the income distribution and poverty rate. The analysis shows results by income quintiles and for different household types. It furthermore discusses how the Europe 2020 social target group is effected by the reform. Read more.
Joint Programme Initiative "More Years Better Lives"
Orsolya Lelkes was elected as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of the Joint Programme Initiative (JPI) More Years Better Lives (MYBL) for the domain “Quality of Life, Health and Wellbeing”. The SAB discusses and outlines future research goals of JPI MYBL. Currently, 14 countries take part in JPI MYBL, which sets a research agenda and research budget to explore the challenge of demographic change in Europe.


Old Age Work Participation
In a recent article, Senior Advisor Asghar Zaidi and co-author Arthur van Soest discuss the labour force participation of older age groups. They discuss definition and measurement of old age and work participation and present some data on OECD countries, provide an overview of the determinants of retirement and labour supply of older age groups, and summarize what is known about labour demand and productivity. Read more